– Pickle injector to inject bone-in and boneless products
– Housing all-stainless steel
Needle bridge
– Direct mechanical drive above brine level
– With Günther reverse technologie
– Reverse and height selection in 20mm steps variable
– change needle-bridge-system
– needle-bridge-system with pneumatic spring core
– contact pressure pneumatic variable
– Reverse mode (selectable stop point above the
conveyor belt)
– Configuration needle bridge PI 124 pneum. spring
mounted – trough width 450mm
– Configuration needle bridge PI 156 pneum. spring
mounted – trough width 605mm
Conveyor technique
– Conveyor technique with direct drive
– Special conveyor off polyethylene, easy to remove
for sanitation
– Different feed rate selectable (single stick, double
stick, triple stick)
– Feed speed infinitely variable

Brine system
– Stainless steel centrifugal pump with infinitely variable
control of drive respectively delivery rate
– Brine tube filter (forced filter) with electric pressure
– Brine regulation one-way injection, two-way
injection, permanent injection
– 7” Touch-Screen
– 100 memory spaces for custom-made recipe storage
with: recipe management, recipe name, height of
stroke, needle bridge speed, conveyor belt speed,
one-way injection/ two-way injection, brine pressure,
injection pattern
– Automatic sanitation program, filter pollution
control , all operating signals and alert on display
with visualization
– USB/Ethernet and CAN-Bus standard
– Control cabinet impermeable to splash-water
and conditioned
Supplementary equipment for additional charge
– Stainless steel rotary pump (exchange price)
– Exchangeable Needle bridge with needles and/ or
steaker- knifes
– Cleaning wagon for conveyor belt and single
components of filter unit with docking unit at the
– Double brine tube filter