Fully automated high precision portioning machine

You are looking for a solution to portioning fresh meat applications with a slice thickness of up to 56 mm? With the Günther HPP (High-Precision Portioning Machine) you can portioning your products with high<s> </s>weight accuracy in a fully automated robot/line or as a stand-alone solution.


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Your Benefits:


  •     Fully automated solution for up to three machines using a high-precision robot technology (patent pending)
  •     Innovative gripper technology for improved loading (patent pending)
  •     Revolver magazine for simultaneous loading and portioning (patent pending)
  •     Fast product change and fast set-up times due to divided format tools (patent pending)
  •     Option for short stroke to increase speed for smaller products (patent pending)
  •     Highest cutting quality due to optimized knife geometry
  •     Consistent and precise portions and high weight accuracy of +/- 0.5
  •     Variable portion thickness of up to 56 mm
  •     Single portions, shingle, stacking
  •     Yield increase and reduced packaging costs by sorting out the first and last portion
  •     Reduction of give-away due to very high weight accuracy during cutting process
  •     Flexible product application possibilities: Meat, sausage, cheese, vegan products,
  •     Intuitive touch panel menu navigation

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