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Machines for injecting brine into beef, poultry, fish and cheese.

You always get the best out of your procuts - better still you inject them! The brine injectors from Günther Maschinenbau enables you to always have…


Machine for tumbling, maturing, mixing, salting, thawing, coating and marinating.

Whether for tumbling, mixing or marinating, you are always perfectly equipped with Günther tumblers. The energy-efficient and stable tumblers…

Brine preparation

Mixing tanks and complex automated brine treatment plants

You have the perfect recipes for brine and sauces! We have the solutions for mixing, storing and cooling…


Presses, knife and roller steaker

Increase the quality of your products by processing with a steaker. Optimise your ham by eliminating brine nests and…


Coating with sauces and shock-frosting

High quality and low time and effort when preparing foodstuff, especially ready-to-eat meals, are increasingly important criteria for end consumers…


Automated solutions for your line operation

The peripherals division provides the perfect supplements in addition to the power stacks of main machinery such as injectors or tumblers…


Central Günther-Log data management

Central GÜNTHER-LOG data management system for stand-alone machinery and entire production lines in order to…


Modern thawing technology

Günther thawing technology is a state-of-the-art thawing out system with,or without, the addition of water and additives according to customer requirements…

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