Very demanding during processing

Hardly any other foodstuff is more sensitive than fish when it comes down to its shelf life and food safety. When you process salmon, cod, tuna or other species, then you are aware of this problem and you make just as few compromises in this respect as you would do with tenderness, taste and aroma. We also share this attitude. Günther machines are quality products, with which our customers can produce quality products.

The practical applications and experience of many users have clearly shown that the following Günther machines are particularly suitable for the fish segment and we would be pleased to advise you about how you can make the optimum use of the possibilities provided by our technologies, especially for this purpose.

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Machines for injecting brine into meat, poultry, fish and cheese.

They always get the best out of your products - better still, they inject it! The brine injectors from Günther Maschinenbau enables you to always have…

Brine preparation

Mixing tanks and complex automated brine treatment plants

You have the perfect recipes for brine and sauces! We have the solutions for mixing, storing and cooling…


From feeding a single machine to automated production lines

The peripherals division provides the perfect supplements in addition to the power stacks of main machinery such as injectors or tumblers…

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